The Doddington and Rollo Community Association, established in 1983 as a charitable company, serves to enhance educational, training, and employment opportunities in North Battersea and particularly within the Doddington and Rollo Estates. Moreover, it strives to furnish these areas with recreational facilities and avenues for communal engagement. Over the years, the association has transitioned from reliance on grants to achieving financial self-sufficiency for its operational expenses, thus ensuring stability and enabling long-term planning without the spectre of funding uncertainties.

To fulfil its mission, the association offers the following amenities:

  • A Business Centre, providing workshop units available for lease to a diverse array of small enterprises.
  • Community Halls, available for rental by local residents for various gatherings and activities, as well as by other organisations interested in facilitating community-oriented events.
  • A designated charity area on the first floor, offering subsidised units tailored for small charitable organisations.

Membership in the association is open to all individuals residing or working within the Doddington and Rollo estates. The Management Committee, responsible for governance, is elected annually by the members, ensuring democratic representation and accountability within the organization.


Volunteer for us

DRCA is committed to being a volunteer host organisation, recognising the mutual benefits for DRCA and the volunteer. Our volunteers have brought new skills and ideas to DRCA and have given their time generously.



Nadeene Morris
Finance, Web maintenance & Administration [email protected]

Justin O’Kello Office Manager [email protected]

John Mendoza
Finance Volunteer [email protected]