Vegan Pancake Day at The Venue – 25th February 20


In the Christian calendar, Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional feast day which precedes the 40-day fasting period of Lent that lasts until Easter. Pancake Day became a great way to use the foods that were given up for Lent, such as milk, butter and eggs.

Pancake Day takes place between 3 February and 9 March, depending on the date for Easter. In 2020, Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 25 February.

As well as eating pancakes and crepes, there’s a long tradition of Pancake Day races in London which often raise money for charity. The Venue will be raising funds for our homeless outreach project this evening.

Park Court, Doddington and Rollo Estate Battersea Park Road London The Venue Park Court SW11 4LD