Wandsworth Arts Fringe Spoken Word event in The Errant Stage Van


Big Red Poetry Tour is a collaboration between The Errant Stage and Helsinki Poetry Connection, to bring the best performance poets and emerging spoken word artists of Helsinki and London to Wandsworth Arts Fringe on the 11 May 2018 2PM to 8PM at the Doddington and Rollo community space area.

For two days there will be a sound installation of pre-recorded spoken word artists from across the UK and Finland. This installation is interspersed with live 10-20 minute performances from our diverse group of exciting poetry talent. Poet and Errant Stage co-founder, Jonna Nummela aka Nihkee Akka will also be running an hour long creative writing workshop each day, open for anyone to participate in.

At the weekend The Errant Stage will be hosting 2 open mic nights, live broadcast by Wandsworth Radio, featuring our resident poets. These will be in areas such as outside Roehampton Library and at the Doddington and Rollo community space area for increased visibility and maximum accessibility. All of the performances as part of Big Red Poetry Tour, are free of charge and apart from the creative writing workshops, require no pre-booking.

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